Our judicial system is not immune from reform.

Read this Petition. It demands the return of everyone’s rights. This might be our last and only chance to reclaim them. If the Petition is denied, a golden opportunity is lost.

It is unlikely that the Supreme Court will decide to consider this question without a public outcry.

Does the Supreme Court have the courage to make jurists accountable, as our forefathers originally provided? We must make it loud and clear that members of the Supreme Court do not work for their subordinates, (other judges) they work for their bosses…We the People.

The Supreme Court might decide whether to hear this Petition sometime in the next month or two, but no later than September 2006.

Together, we must tell Congress to tell the Supreme Court to accept this case.

The time to act is now. Our window of opportunity will close very soon. Tell your friends and neighbors. Call people who can get the message upstairs. If you don’t know anyone on the inside, call someone who does, or someone who knows someone who does. Direct them to our website.

Take a few minutes today to make this happen.

To find your elected representative, go to: congress.org

Call yours today.


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