Judges are Not Above the Law

Free self-inking stamps.
In order to promote this Writ of Certiorari, we are offering our supporters, free self-inking rubber stampers.

The text on the stamps reads:    JudgesAbovetheLaw.com
The text size is approximately 1 3/4" x 1/4"
Font options are:    Arial, Helvetica   or
   Times New Roman

They can be used to stamp envelopes, stationery, flyers, books or any other material that you intend to circulate to the general public. We encourage you to respect the law when using the stamps. For example, do not stamp library books or public property. With that in mind, we hope you wear the stamp out, getting the word out.

Please send your request, along with a stamped, self-addressed return envelope to:

Judges Above the Law
7601 North Eastlake Terrace
Chicago, IL 60626-1421


  • First Class return postage is 1.35 and must be affixed to your return envelope.
  • Do not forget to include you return address in clear block letters.
  • Return envelope:   preferably a bubble-padded envelope to prevent crushing
  • Specify color and font preference - color choices are:  Red, Black
  • You may include a "donation" of to defray costs, but it is not necessary.
    Cash donations are preferred (We do not have a commercial bank account so checks made out to the domain name are impossible to negotiate.)
  • Limit: One per request, unless you provide a good reason for requesting additional stamps.
  • Requests must be made via U.S. Mail or other ground carrier only.
    Requests made by email or telephone will be ignored.
  • We do not maintain a record of stamp requestees. When the return envelope is mailed, your name and address go back with it.

There are only a few dozen remaining, so please send your request as soon as possible.

Remember, you can buy stamps like this in ordinary office supply stores or local print shops, including Kinkos, Office Max, UPS Store, Mailboxes Etc., or Office Depot. Expect to pay a few dollars for a non-inking stamp and approximately ten dollars for a self-inking stamp (for single purchases.)

Please call us if you have other promotional ideas that may help us promote this Petition.

Thank you for your many suggestions and support.


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